Mouth-tip to furthest hole

Distance between holes

(center to center) 

Largest hole

(index finger)

Flute length
                  F#  18 - 3/4 "1 - 1/4 "7/16 " 27  3/4 "
E    20 - 5/8 "  1 - 5/16 "1/2 "32 "
D   23 - 3/8 "1 - 1/2 "1/2 "36 "

  • Contrabass E - Anasazi Love Song0:00


  • Hear Contrabass F# 0:24
  • Hear Contrabass E 0:22
  • Hear Contrabass D 0:23
6-hole Pentatonic Minor Scale aka : the Native American Flute Scale

Contrabass Deep Mystic Flute w/EZ ReachTM

Innovative contrabass flute can be played by small hands

  • Creamy, low tones in a compact size
  • Holes close together
  • Choose right or left handed at checkout 
  • Long playing without moisture clog
  • No need to adjust sound block
  • Compact size good for travel
  • Accurately tuned
  • Consistent quality
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Wood-burned Mystic Spiral design

Reviewsof Contrabass Flute

"The Contrabass E is the ultimate sound that I have been looking for for many years."    John Burns, Australia

 "I received the Contrabass F# and I think I'm in love. But, I told my wife I would keep her around too!! Ha ha ahhh.
Very nice sound...mellow/calming...a big THANKS to you for a beautiful flute, I should say two flutes.
Your flutes, your CDs...what can I say..."
      George from Riverside, California

"I have had three days with the F# Bass Flute and OH MY!  The voice is true, and responsive.  
The flute is beautiful, and so easy to play.  Not temperamental at all, as are some flutes."
    Bill from Colorado Springs, Co. 

"I received my Contrassbass Flute in perfect condition today. All I can say is WOW. That is one incredible flute !
What a deep smokey voice this flute has ! I literally cannot put the flute down ! Love the design ! The size is perfect !
You are simply an amazing flute builder !"  Thanks SO Much,
 Autumn Morning Star      

"The flute arrived today--it is gorgeous!  The only thing more smooth than the finish on the wood is the sound that the flute produces. I've never owned a flute this low, though I've wanted to for some time.  I am so glad that I decided to try your EZ reach F#.  It is so comfortable, and even the higher notes are so clear.  I couldn't be happier.  Thank you, Stephen.  
I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again.  As soon as I get a little something recorded on the new flute, I'll send you a clip."  
Your newest fan,
Brandon from Valley City, ND

"It's HERE! And... my smallish 'girly' hands can play it!!!! I have other bass flutes, but this contrabass is as easy, maybe easier to play! What a lovely instrument, sound *and* looks! It is a visceral experience to play. THANK YOU STEPHEN! "    
 Trish in Loveland, Colorado

"My friend!! Dont know what to say, this flute of yours is AMAZING,,, you even included a softbag protective cover !!
 I just unpacked it.. will give you a more detailed review later... !!!!! wow ... I'm going to find a sweet spot to
play it immediately.. later this evening I'll record a piece in the studio ... I hope to purchase a drone in the future.
I'm just speechless amigo. much MUCH gratitude "
  Hélio from Belgium

"Oh yes, very nice! I never thought a contrabass could be that easy to play-and sound so good. 
You are the bass flute master builder!    
     Dan from Colorado Springs, Co.

"Just letting you know my contrabass arrived safely and is now in the UK. I'm so pleased I bought it.I have wanted one
​for ages and it's not only beautiful but plays like a dream. Thanks so much. I have a large personal collection including
a few I made myself and it has come to a very good home and will be played often and with pride!
I'm seeing Nigel Shaw from Seventh Wave Music next month and can't wait to show him. 
​He's a recording artist using NAF style flutes and he's going to LOVE it!"  
 Steve from London, England