• Creamy, low tones in a short flute
  • Holes close together
  • Long playing without moisture clog
  • No need to adjust sound block
  • Compact size good for travel
  • Accurately tuned
  • Consistent quality
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Hear the D 0:26
  • Hear the B 0:32
  • Hear the A0:32

6-hole Pentatonic Minor Scale aka the Native American Flute Scale

Deep Mystic Flute w/EZ ReachTM

Innovative bass flute can be played by small hands


     "My Deep Mystic Flute has been a huge hit among audiences and I'm looking forward to recording with it. 
   It's incredible depth of tone not only affects others but it also resonates through me.
   Thank you so much for creating a transformative and mystical flute !"     In gratitude,  Julia Reid

  "I got her today and...wow...she is a beauty! I love the sound and ease of breath control without the air chamber. My other base flutes are headed for eBay. Now you have me looking at your contrabass F#...somewhere I thought I would never venture. Thanks for the 2 great flutes - a real pleasure!"  
Dan,  Colorado Springs, Co.

​  "I have all your Mystic Flutes, I am a Vietnam Vet, I have P.T.S.D. plus an old head wound.
I use your flutes to speak the words I no longer have in my brain. 
For me these flutes help me to re-construct connections using different pathways.
It's like prayer or meditation.  Thanks for what you do."       Dennis,   Wahoo, Ne.

  "The beautiful Bb arrived today. The voice is wonderful and the wood is exquisite. I will definitely be using it and each of  your EZ Anasazi flutes in my upcoming CD. Thank you so much for your creations." 
Steve,   Smithfield, Utah

  "I received the Bb flute yesterday....Wow!  Absolutely wonderful. It's beautiful and the tone is so pure and soothing. I couldn't put it down and when i finally did I felt so peaceful/euphoric. EZ play is right, just blow. Thank you so much for your creation...I love it! "   with gratitude,     Shemaiah,    Delray Beach , Fl.

  "Ah yes, how sweet it is – the mystic A arrived today.  Looks and sounds great... as usual.  My collection of DeRuby gems is looking good!"        Dan, Colorado Springs, Co.

Mouth-tip to furthest hole

Distance between holes

(center to center) 

Largest hole

(index finger)

Flute length
                   D    13 "1 - 1/8 "3/8 " 19 - 1/2 "
B   15 - 3/4 "1 - 5/16 "7/16 "23 - 1/2 "
A   16 - 5/8 "1 - 1/4 "7/16"26 "