Mouth-tip to furthest hole
Distance between holes​ 
(center to center)
Largest hole 
(index finger)
A/D     18 1/8 "1 1/8 "7/16 " 27 1/4 "
F#/B    21 3/4 "1 1/4 "7/16 "34 1/2 "


  • Hear A/D 0:34
  • Hear F#/B 0:34

Contrabass Drone Flute w/EZ ReachTM

Innovative contrabass drone can be played by small hands

  • Deep, haunting harmonies
  • Holes close together
  • Volume of drone side can adjust with mouth position 
  • Long playing without moisture clog
  • No need to adjust sound block
  • Accurately tuned
  • Consistent quality
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Wood-burned "2 as 1" symbol 

   This simple, ancient scale is an Aeolian mode. All fingers just open and close in succession.           No cross-fingering necessary. The ring finger of the top hand does not stay closed like on a regular pentatonic scale NAF. ​​This beautiful scale is also known as the Mojave-6 scale introduced by Scott August and Geoffrey Ellis. ​Within this scale there is the pentatonic minor scale that can be played by opening and closing the top 2 holes as one note and the bottom 2 holes as one note.  MORE


"Yes Stephen!  I have been playing the Drone all weekend. Its the most amazing flute I have ever played! Thank you so much! I have passed your details onto a few friends in Australia who will be purchasing some flutes from you. Your work is beyond words."   :-)        Luke from Perth, Western Australia

"I received the Bass Drone today...Wowza! So awesome! Very easy to play, love the Bass Drone, highly meditative...thank you so much!"           Nancy from Florida 

"Arrived fast. AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sound this flute has... a real mind blower....I have been playing it all afternoon..... So deep and moving... I feel deeply moved when playing it..This flute will be well used !!!! 

   BIG THANKS"     Charlie - Duncan, B.C. Canada 

"I just received the drone today and I'm very happy ...I think this flute can be one of my favorite flute. I love the sound very deep and you can feel the connection this the earth...Fantastic work! Thanks again for this marvelous work and for this wonderful flute . I hope to make beautiful music now."          In Harmony,  Franck from France