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Reviews of Anasazi Flute 

"The D's arrived today, they're fantastic. A good fit for my arthritic hands. Such beautiful flutes, wow, what amazing craftsmanship." Bill from Westlake, Ohio

​"Brilliant!   I love my new EZ Anasazi flute! Thanks so much for bringing this new innovation to us. I know this will be a big hit with everyone. I'll be sharing it with all our Flute Circle members." Stephanie Baldridge, Cascadia Flute Circle Facilitator
"Stephen's Anasazi Flute is a rim-blown style flute with a mouthpiece enabling 'embouchure challenged flute victims' to play. The one I have is absolutely wonderful. The reach is easy, playing could not be easier, and that dusty, dry Southwest tone exquisite." Dan DiCicco, Loping Wolf Clan, Flute Circle Facilitator

"I am so pleased with my new EZ Anasazi Flute in Bb! I played it for my husband and his jaw dropped in awe. He said, 'That is the flute you should spend your time with. That is the flute you should get to know...It is haunting!' I have three other flutes, but this is the one that really excites and enchants me. It is an instrument filled with wonder and I thank you for designing such a magical flute I can play. I don't know that I could ever have mastered the rim-blown style. You have created the beauty of that flute into a design that I can make music on. That is so special to me! I believe I am becoming addicted to your beautiful creations. I am looking seriously at obtaining one of your beautiful Deep Mystic Flutes in the future."      Kathy from Clovis, Ca.

​"I made some music with a couple of your EZ-Anasazi flutes for an upcoming independent film called "Fall of the Hunters Moon" by the talented young director Stephen Gibson over in Denver, North Carolina. The Shaman's Theme will be featured rather prominently, I'm told. I'm not sure which version he's using since I did one each with the Bb & the G. I think it's going to be released in a few days, though intitially only in NC. At any rate, your at least one of your flutes will soon receive widescreen coverage, LOL! " Allen Bruce Ray from the Tunnel in South Korea.

Do Animals love the flute too?  ​"My wife and I had an unexpected, funny surprise on the drive home from the Yosemite Flute Festival yesterday afternoon. We stopped at the Merced Fruit Barn for a quick snack and restroom break, but ended up staying much longer than planned. According to my wife, I had a “Bambi” moment when I decided to play my flutes for the animals that lived there on the premises. I played both Stephen DeRuby’s EZ-Anasazi flute (more on that flute later) and my Paul Thompson NAF. Here's what happened. Two emus walked over to me, staring at me entranced, one with his mouth open the whole time while I played. He looked like he was smiling. A rabbit, who was previously frolicking in the grass, stopped and perked up his ears during the entire first song that I played. A hyperactive young goat, who was bullying and chasing the chickens around his pen, stopped while I played my flutes. He started bullying again when I was leaving. My favorite buddy, the solitary llama, stared at me from far away while I was playing for the emus and rabbit. My wife pointed him out to me and I walked over. I played for him twice, for stretches of at least 10 minutes. He was intrigued and walked closer to me, but still kept some distance. Then, as I knelt down and leaned toward the fence to play, the llama also came closer to the fence and bent his head towards me. In addition, his pen mates, two ducks and two goats, also came over to listen as well! I wish we had a camera handy to take some photos of all the animals’ expressions. My wife and I had a good laugh—we were happy that the animals enjoyed the music. From what we could gather, the popular consensus among the animals revealed that the Anasazi flute was quite a hit! "         ​       Dave from the Flute Portal 

​​"Just wanted to let you know I received my Anasazi and it sounds great and is really easy to play. It took 10 minutes or so to get used to the fingering so as not to squeak on the second octave and another 2 hours before I could put it down."                      Mark from Berkshire, United Kingdom

"My Anasazi Bb came today. Just a wonderful flute. I'm thrilled that I actually sound pretty good on it within a few mintues. Man, is this ever a nice sounding flute! Smells very nice also, just like my cedar box my dance stuff and fan lives in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Stephen, this flute makes me very happy!!"            Bill from Arkansas 

​"Two day's ago I received a new toy, a "Walkabout", a wearable portable amp from Vortex Sounds, perhaps you've heard of it? Anyway, it is a small amp with 10 pre-programmed sounds, mostly mixtures of reverb, echo and delay. Just wanted to tell you my EZ Anasazi flute sounds just wonderful through it. It's my first time to amplify my flutes, it's a whole new world for me, fattens up the sound, makes me sound actually better than I am, lol. I can play as if in a cave, and it really does the second octave notes justice too. Take care, hope the winter is treating you right, whenever I'm able, will be getting the big bass E flute also, sort of spent too much here lately, you know how it goes. Flute addiction, now electronics, boy.... "      Bill from Arkansas

"I received my Anasazi flute several weeks ago and I've been playing it non stop. I absolutely love it. I also wanted to tell you, the first time I held your flute, it made me realize that all of the flutes I had played previously were more like toys or whistles than real instruments. The reach and tone of my new flute is inspiring." .... John  from Chicago, Il.

"​I have had my EZ Anasazi flute , for about two weeks, and have really enjoyed it. The sound is a beautiful, deep haunting sound. It is different with a different scale, but it doesn't take long to learn. The flute is very easy to play. Thanks for a beautiful flute (that smells good) and sounds great."  Daryl from Hurricane, Utah

 Dimensions for choosing the size that's right for you

Mouth-tip to 
​furthest hole
Distance between holes 
(center to center)
Largest hole 
​(index finger) 


   D      18 3/8"                  15/16 "          3/8'      22"
   C      20 7/8"                  1"          3/8"      25"
  Bb      23 3/4"                   1 1/8 "          7/16 "      28"
   A      25 1/8 "                  1 1/8"         7/16 "               30"

  • Consistent quality - satisfaction guaranteed
  • Accurately tuned - responsive - good volume
  • Wood burned spiral design, aromatic cedar
  • Plays a variety of scales (see here)
  • Long playing without moisture clog
  • More air efficient than a rim-blown
  • Finger holes are close together
  • Furthest hole offset for comfort on C, Bb & A
  • Choose LEFT or RIGHT hand flute at checkout 

EZ Anasazi Flute

Experience a new dimension in the full, warm sound...and just breathe

​Sounds like a rim-blown and EASY TO PLAY!