" I have a collection of Native American Flutes....five are Stephen's and they are by far the best, each and every one of them ! "                      Bob Edgar, author " The Native American Flute Book " 

" I have played recorders for over 30 years. I have 3 Native American Flutes. One of them is yours and definitely superior in tone and playability."            Carolyn - Certified Music Practitioner 

" I have 42 flutes and I only play the 3 that I got from you. 
Thanks Stephen, for the joy you have brought to so many of us."                John Rolston (82 years young)  

" The flutes arrived in great shape. They are wonderful...and that is coming from someone who is really picky in the quality of the voice of the instrument. They are a joy to play and hear (regardless of my abilities). Over the years, I've been able to get 150+ educators to invest in flutes but none were the same caliber as yours. Thanks again for quality of sound with a simple yet elegant appearance."
ninja bear (Barry) faculty member UCLA School Management Program

" This Flute has become so much a part of my life....I can't imagine being without it ! "       
 Holly Blue Hawkins, Author" The Heart of the Circle " & Keeper of the Mother Drum 

" Our flute arrived Saturday. It is a more beautiful piece of art than I ever imagined.
The photos on the web do no justice to the actual beauty of your instruments.
My husband has been practicing and when he takes time out ; I grab it."   Cindy & Ed

"I'd like you to know how much I love the flute I bought from you last month. I am in Madison, Wisconson for two months, flying back to San Francisco occasionally for my job. Madison is very beautiful, surrounded by lakes. I can walk along a creek in the middle of the city where the wildflowers are waist-high. But my circumstances here are not happy in some ways. My sister's husband is dying, and I ended a relationship with a very famous musician and there is a somewhat public fallout from that. I tell you these details only to emphasize to you how profoundly dear this flute has become to me. You're right: the flute chooses the player. It is a living companion to me, and I'm learning to reach deep resounding notes in it that sound like the sea, the fog horns near my San Francisco house, the birds in the huge pines behind my Madison flat. It is saving me. As a musician and as a human, I want to thank you so much not only for making a fine instrument, but for giving it a soul as well." Jeanette

" I am now the proud owner of 4 of your flutes, and must say they are wondrous; so much more soulful than any others I've played. Thank you for the gift you bring to us flute players." Ellen 

​"I was doing a public performance last weekend using my Native flutes and unexpectedly someone came up and handed me a flute and said “you might want to try this one.” I wasn’t going to try a new flute in a performance setting . . . after all there’s a relationship that I’ve built with my other flutes over time. I know their beautiful quirks and unique voice. But . . . I felt nudged by the Spirit and so I played it. What happened next was a great blessing for all who were there and especially me.
I was playing just prior to an address given by the Chief of the Rappahannock tribe and it was a time of worship for the people. It was one of those time-stoppers where the hearts of the people and the land wake up together. That flute found its way to me for what I believe was an appointed time. It’s voice was what was needed. It was a remarkable journey with a flute that seemed like I had been playing all of my life. When Chief Ann came up to speak it took a while for her to work through the tears. Afterwards I returned the flute to its owner and said to him that this is a flute that was made with much love and prayers. I asked him if he knew who made it and he said it was you. So I had to contact you and say thank you for your devotion that comes through so clearly in your flutes. I would like to purchase one."            Tim Lucas

"I use your flute as my favorite teaching flute. A lot of my students say "I want one of those!" And, in such good pitch !! A HUGE plus for me. Thanks for your gift to the flute world my friend."     Mary Youngblood, 2 time GRAMMY WINNER                                           Native American Music Awards, NAMMY -  Flutist of the Year & Best Female Artist 
"My CD titled : Voice Of The Wood, has been nominated for a NAMMY Award ! 
It seems like only yesterday that I purchased my first flute from you, and the journey
I have been on since that time one only dreams of.   Great Spirit led me to this and I
am truly thankful that your flute was the beginning of a beautiful journey.                                                                                                                                   Love and Prayers,  EagleCloud

 Native American Style Flutes Reviews

" Playing 'Sakura' on an EZ-Anasazi 7-hole with Lynn Miller on Zen Harp at Flute Haven this past week. The venue can be a tad boisterous, but fell dead silent while we played this. I *really* like to push the limits of breath pressure on this instrument ... "
Clint Goss - author of Flutopedia and creator of Flute Haven ​

"Blessed with a sweet sounding flute from Stephen DeRuby. Sometimes it's nice just to let the melody in my heart flow from my breath to fill the air. Thank you my friend."
Tony Redhouse  www.tonyredhouse.net 

"The magic of Stephen DeRuby's flutes." Bill Leyden

"Stephen, Thank you for the EZ Anasazi Flute. It's perfect!"
​"The Mojave 6 arrived. I absolutely love it!"
David Wolfs Robe  website 

"Hi Stephen, The flute I got from you years ago is still one of my favorites."
Peace, Dean Evenson  Soundings of the Planet

" My flute made by Stephen is a most precious possession. Not only does it play beautifully and resonantly, it also carries the integrity and energy of  a very consciouscreator who works in a sacred way. "
Brooke Medicine EagleAmerican Native Earthkeeper & Wisdom Teacher
Author of  " Buffalo Woman Comes Singing " website 

" These are the most beautiful sounding, well tuned flutes of all ! "   GOLANA
​ Native American Flute - 2 time, Native American Music Awards NAMMY winner    
​- Best Instrumental Recording 2007     
- 2011 NAMMY for best New Age Recording 
​- 3 time, Indian Summer Music Award Winner 

"I LOVE my Stephen DeRuby Flutes!"   Kori Linae Carothers

​Independent Music Awards Winner