6-hole Pentatonic minor scale

- Unique, nicely shaped open mouth end. Instead of having to put
.. a flute tip in your mouth, just blow into the open chamber.
- Plays longer without moisture clog and dries faster
- Aromatic Cedar with tourquoise accent      
- Loved by beginners and advanced players    
- Low price, beautiful tone 
- Accurately tuned

The Trail Flute 

  • Hear the A0:30
  • Hear the G0:27
  • Hear the F#0:33
  • Hear the E0:31
"Your flutes are amazing! Everyone that's tried one of mine falls in love with them." Susan Schuster   Slingerlands, N.Y.

"In a short time I was fascinated by the clear tone and lovely appearance of the flute. Red cedar's aroma also relaxes me. Thank you so much for sending nice instruments."     Hitomi from Yoyama, Japan

"I am still VERY much enjoying the flutes crafted by you.
Your craftsmanship of the open mouth piece is absolutely perfect for my playing style.
Tears right now, while I'm trying to type because you have enriched my life! "
​Riki from Tucson, Arizona   ​

​"I use the trail flute in my healing work. It is very well received and appreciated by my clients. I have played it all through the Grand Canyon and from mountain tops all over the southwest. It has easily hiked over a hundred miles with me. I have also been asked to assist in a an international performing group. I am the back up flute player and more of a roady with these musicians. But hey! I am playing in a band! What a thrill. Golana listened to me play at a large family blessing. He told me it was time to get another flute. I can't imagine anything better than my trail flute, but I never imagined the beauty of this trail flute, so I look forward to the Canyon Flute. Seasons greetings and thank you for the joy that was not expected or even imagined."  Andy from Solana Beach, Ca.



Native American Style Flute

Mouth-tip to 
​furthest hole
Distance between holes 
​(center to center)
Largest hole 
​(index finger)
A13  3/8 "1  1/16 "5/16 "17  1/2 "
G15  3/16 "1  1/8 "3/8 "20 "
F#15  1/4 "1  1/4 "3/8 "20  1/2 "
E17 "1  1/8 "3/8 "22  3/4 "